7:30pm Beginners Class

We commence the night with a 40 minute fast paced class to get your energy flowing with 3 Beginner level moves. Intermediate level dancers are involved in this class to speed up the learning progress by assisting Beginners through the moves / class. This class teaches you various moves and how to link them together. It is design for people who have never danced before to be able to get out on the floor and have alot of fun whilst learning how to dance.

8:10pm Social Dancing

Don't sit down through social dancing - ask someone to dance. We have Male & Female Taxi Dancers rostered on every night to dance with you!

TAXI dancers patrol during the first social break helping as many beginner dancers as possible. So don’t hesitate to grab them up for a dance. They’re easily recognized by their Ceroc Perth shirts and their badge with "TAXI" and their name.

During the Social Dancing we turn on the disco lights and turn up the music so get out there and dance under disco lights to music & video clips from the current Top 40 chart hits mixed with your old time favourites.

8:40pm Beginner Recap Class

This class is designed for Beginner Dancers in their first 8 - 12 lessons of Ceroc / Modern Jive dancing. Beginner Recap class will help you progress your dancing through breaking the moves you learnt in the Beginners class down step by step in a smaller class allowing students & teachers to interact more which allows all your questions to be answered. This class also focuses on developing your dance fundamentals such as spinning, dancing on the beat, leading & following and linking moves together.

8:40pm Intermediate Class

After 8 - 12 lessons in Beginner Progression, you need to dance with one of your Teachers / Taxi dancers to progress up to Intermediate level.

This class runs simultaneously to the Beginner Progression class & teaches you up to 5 Intermediate moves as a routine.

9:30pm Social Dancing

Make the most of the music & dance floor & practice your moves in this half hour of social dancing before the doors close at 10:00pm.